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Davis Music Scene

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Davis Music Scene (a.k.a. DMS) is an organization at UC Davis who's main objective is to enhance the current music scene. Every Friday (with the exception of conflicting major events, finals week, holiday weekends, that sort of thing), we put on FREE all ages shows (with a $2 membership) featuring at least one local talent, and frequently other bands from all over (other states, Southern CA, the Bay Area, etc.). Simply put, we want more music happening here. And that's just what we do.

This community is designed to serve as a source of information about up and coming DMS-sponsored shows (other shows in Davis can be found at our link above), but additionally as a forum for discussion about music, shows, DMS events, people looking to join a band, anything music-related.

Also, we're always accepting new people who would like to join DMS, so if you're interested, send us an email!

Finally, every band listed below is a Davis band. Information and their respective websites can be found at our link above, so if you're new to the music scene in Davis, clearly you have a lot to check out! And, if you're a Davis band and not on the list, let us know so we can add you!

atrocityism, bellstar, brilliant red lights, bxuxix, canseco, carl rennie, compassion in action, crossing lilah, doug douglas, estereo, fiasco, filthy pete, from mathilda, gadzuks, gerbil rammer, gift of goats, idealistik, keep your distance, legubitron, modus, nostalgic progression, papercut revery, phase 3, renegade shoe policy, robert + karen, sequence of service, sexy prison, sholi, shots were fired, simpleton, some assholes, sudden oak death, the 7 year plan, the backups, the brody's, the bunny, the cast iron shore, the jacklegs, the liani moore project, the liquid hotplates, the list, the magikool dudes, the radios, the ruction, the zachary tree, the zim zims, traverso, tryte, unless, water for free, weepel